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Our machines


Automatic Corn Cutter (ACC):

Orient, feed and cut corn at increased volumes. The Magnuson CCM Automatic Corn Cutter is a self-contained production machine, where units are flexible enough to fit your existing cutting room with little to no modification of existing conveyors.


Semi Automatic Cob Saw:

This machine is an effective alternative to manual cob saws, utilizing our Automatic Corn Orienter to provide singulation and orientation of ears. With built-in transfer assembly, accurate centering helps meet your sawing needs with perfection. And since the machine meters and automatically controls the corn infeed, you can rely on even throughput without unexpected surges of product.

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Green Corn Eliminator (GCE):

The Green Corn Eliminator automatically separates
unhusked ears of corn for recycling by feeding clean ears to whole-kernel cutters without leaving an ear behind.

Sorter GCE.png

Knife Sharpener

Magnuson CCM Knife Sharpeners allow a precise grind, so operators can achieve more with every cut. In fact, it’s been proven that customers can yield up to 2 percent more with consistently sharp knives throughout the season.

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Phoenix Optical Prune Sorter:

Italian manufactured Sorter is used to detect pit stones in dry prunes. The PhOS-3000 can process up to 3000 kg/h. It uses an advanced vision system to detect the stones that could remain in the process.



Corn Seed Sorter (SCS)

(SCS):Magnuson CCM Seed Corn Sorters are designed to stay up and running with simplicity. Built from easy-to-clean materials and bringing impeccable digital touch screen control to your facility, they redirect unhusked
ears onto cross-conveyors to recycle back to the huskers up to 32 lanes at a time.

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Onion, potato and carrot peeler (WSP):

From potatoes to fruits, meats, nuts and vegetables, there’s no telling what innovation might be uncovered with Magnuson Washers, Scrubbers and Peelers. That’s why we offer a full line of machinery in multiple sizes

Peladora WSP.png


Uni Vibe Conveyor

  • Unified “One Moving Part” Construction

  • No Bulky Frame

  • Superior Vibration Isolation

  • Single Pedestal Support

  • Efficient Electromagnetic Drive

  • Very Sanitary Design

  • Available in Many Configurations

  • For Distribution Systems, Scale Feeders, Inspection

  • Conveyors, Transfer Feeders, Screeners and Other Vibratory Applications


“Rapid Return” Horizontal Motion Conveyor

  • No Lift “Gentle” Horizontal Product Flow

  • Pan/Drive Only Design

  • No Frame Required

  • Simple Castor/ Pan Mount

  • Incorporates Mechanically Driven Totally Enclosed Drive Area

  • Dynamically Balanced to Eliminate Vibration Transmission to Structure

  • Lengths to 130’ with Single Drive


Super Flow Vibratory Conveyor

  • Isolated Frame Driven Conveyor

  • Long Conveyor Runs up to 30’

  • No Exposed Bearings, Belts, or Pulleys

  • Incorporates Mechanically Driven Totally Enclosed Out-Of-Balance Motors

  • Very Well Isolated to Eliminate Vibration Transmission to Structure

  • VFD Control to Achieve High Conveying Speeds.


Triathlon Conveyor

Three Superior Features:

  • The “Longest” Vibratory Distance with a Single Drive

  • The “Fastest” Vibratory Product Travel Speeds for the highest capacities

  • The Most “Durable” Vibratory Design for the Heaviest Duty Applications Design Criteria:

  • Unique Cushioned Drive System for Low Torque Start Up

  • Well Isolated Frame System for Minimal Structural Vibration

  • Proven Long-term Reliability


Rotary pack off System

  • Stainless Steel Table Top with Plastic Flighted Incline

  • FDA approved coating on all non-stainless steel frame surfaces.

  • Height adjustable for floor mounts

  • Completely wired with easy accessible ON/OFF switch.

  • Easy access to all moving parts for visual inspection and maintenance.

  • Stainless Steel Frame Construction

  • Lockable Casters for easy portability

  • Wash down power control and drive

  • Variable speed controls


Inspection Belts

  • 39’ per minute or optional vari-speed operation

  • Custom Size Available

  • All stainless steel open sanitary construction

  • Standard Drive ¾ HP 3 phase motor, single phase (optional)

  • Optional fixed magnet mounted on in feed

  • Optional side – worker platforms all stainless opens decking


Frozen Box Crusher

The New Layton Box Crusher is designed to break-up frozen product inside cardboard boxes before further processing. The Box Crusher eliminates back injuries by employees dropping the boxes on the floor to break up the product.


LMC Magnetic Vibratory Conveyor

  • No Bearings, Belts, Pulleys, Motors, Drive Arms

  • Simple Electro-Magnetic Coil Drive

  • Frequency Controller with Live Feedback Signal

  • Very Low Maintenance with Few Moving Parts

  • Speed Controller for Regulating Product Flow

  • Excellent Stop/Start and Demand Feed Signal.


Tote Dumpers

Layton Mfg. offer a wide variety of tote dumpers from basic stand alone units to our lift & seal dumper that

contains all of the product in the dump hopper. We have manufactured multiple dumper integrated in to mixed

vegetable blending lines and roll-back dumpers to feed scale hoppers. We also fabricate high lift & dump units

that elevated the tote up to 20 feet before dumping. Our lift & seal dumper feature and integral hydraulic fluid

reservoir. This feature allow for easy re-location of the dumper.


Mega Superflow Vivratory Conveyor

Layton Manufacturing Mega SuperFlow is a dynamically balanced, vibratory conveyor. Material is conveyed along the trough in a rapid succession of short hops by the vibratory action of the conveyor. The vibration is generated by a pair of counterrotating electric motors with unbalanced shafts. The motors (vibrators) synchronize as they come up to speed to produce straight-line motion in the trough.

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